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Free Webmaster Tools

Java Script Creator

Free Javascript Creator - This is an automatic Java Script generator, so you don't need any programming skills at all. Just choose from the Java creators below, customize and click on "Source Code". Your Java Script will appear in the text box, ready for an easy cut-n-paste into your webpages.

Meta Tag Maker

Meta Tags Generator - To get higher on search engines, you're going to have to use Meta Tags. You can use this Java Script for generating tags really fast! Just enter the information about your site and it'll spit out the meta tags that you need to put on your pages (in the HEAD tags).

Server Lookup

IServer Lookup - Use this free online utility to find out important information on any web server in the world. IServer lookup can tell you the WebServer software, HTTP protocol version, default location, default site size, and more. It can even give you vital statistical information on your connection to that server. For example, you access a site that is really slow, IServer will show you where the bottleneck in the connection is.


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