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Webmaster Tips - Webmaster Tricks

Create links with a highligted background

So you'd like to have your links change to a highlighted background when the mouse moves over them. Well, you can do it using CSS (cascading style sheets), but it will only work with IE4+ [more...]

Fast Loading Pages

Statistics show that visitors are willing to wait for about 10 seconds for a page to load before moving on. [more...]

Creating glowing links II

There is another way to create glowing links (I haven't seen this used at many sites yet), again by using CSS (cascading style sheets), but it only worksh IE4+. [more...]

How to hide e-mail addresses from spammers

Unfortunately, there are a lot of unscrupulous people who send spam by the thousands each day. Well, here's one way to seriously decrease spam. [more...]

How to create a javascript multi-link jump box

One of the best navigation methods through web sites is the use of multi-link jump boxes. [more...]

Justify your text!

Are you tired of aligning your text to the left or to the center? [more...]

Create a cool effect with changing link colors

For Internet Explorer Only! This script will continuously change the highlighted link colors [more...]

Named Anchors

First just make your links as usual except you add "#name" inside the tag. [more...]

How to open a new window console when someone enters or leaves your site

You've probably seen this on some web sites. [more...]

Create links without the underline

Even though underlines help identify the links, there are situations where you would want to have links without them [more...]

How to use marquees

This applies to Internet Explorer only, but if done properly, you'll create a great effect without taking anything away from the Netscape user [more...]

Easy and simple navigation

Some sites have really good looks, but are very confusing and difficult to navigate. [more...]

Help your visitors get out of a frame

Many sites use frames and when they link to other sites, those sites will appear inside their frame. [more...]

How to create a flashy introduction for your web pages

When you entered this page, you probably noticed that the screen dissolved from the previous one to the actual page. [more...]

How to preload your graphics for smoother browsing

If you have multiple pages with many graphics (and other multimedia files), you can make browsing your site a smoother experience for your visitors by building a mini cache for your site. [more...]

What to avoid when presenting your content

It is very easy to ignore those things that we consider unimportant or trivial. [more...]

How to protect your graphics

Stealing nice graphics and images is a widespread problem. [more...]

Redirect your visitors to your new site

So you moved your site to a new place, but you'd like to let your visitors find your new home. [more...]

Finding the Right Web Hosting Provider

Finding the right web host provider always depends on your needs and budget. For instance, iPage (check our analysis) suits small business owners and bloggers because they offer a shared hosting platform making it affordable. As your business grows, you will need a dedicated server. A feedback of inmotion shows that they offer a variety of plans and also offer dedicated servers which are suited for huge businesses. Also consider the proximity of the data center, like that of fatcow. The nearer the data center, the better the performance. It also helps when your host provider gives freebies that are useful and can lessen the cost.
According to WebHostingBillboarder's review of Webhostinghub, They are a great choice for small businesses by offering many free services and a feature-packed hosting solution [more..]

Create a successful title for your site

It is important to have a good title for your site since most often people will decide by reading it whether to visit your site or not. [more...]

Describe your links in the status bar

Mouseovers are one of the most popular and growing tricks that web designers use to spice up their web site. [more...]

How to create text roll-overs

So you'd like to have a very nice effect on your page, one that changes the color of your text once the mouse moves over it. OK. It can be done very easily with a few codes of CSS. [more...]

Insert scrolling text into the status bar

This can be done with the help of Java Script. [more...]

Describe your links with tooltips

You can add pop-up hint windows to your links without using Java Script. [more...]


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